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Question about Cisco AP

14 years 5 months ago #32543 by floppyraid

If I were to get an AIR-AP1131AG-J-K9 Aironet 1100 series AP, would the "J" in the model number mean that the web interface is all in Japanese and cannot be changed to English? What about IOS? Japanese also?
14 years 5 months ago #32544 by S0lo
Replied by S0lo on topic Re: Question about Cisco AP
I can't answer you for sure. But I think most probably it's all in English. The letter J (and all other letters (A, C, I ...etc) has to do with channel and power settings that are compliant with local government regulations. Cisco doesn't seam to mention any thing about language differences. Check here:

Furthermore, the IOS download for the AP1131AG in Cisco's download site does not provide multiple language images. Only one image per version. This probably indicates that it's all in English.

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