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Workgroup nightmare

14 years 5 months ago #32538 by bigdp
Workgroup nightmare was created by bigdp
i am having problems connecting my two computers. i am trying to do them with a wireless router. i have a laptop running xp professional SP2 and a desktop running xp home SP2. From the desktop machine when i click on view workgroup computers, i can see the laptop but i can,t access it or the shared folder i set up. From the laptop, the only thing that comes up on workgroup computers is the laptop itself.

please can anyone help as i am tearing whats left of my hair out.

14 years 5 months ago #32540 by talk2sp
Replied by talk2sp on topic place ur ...
bigdp please don't tear wat's left of ur hair so ur son can inherit some. Aha did u place ur desktop computer and the laptop on same workgroup. for instance when u right click on my computer and say properties u see general tab> click on computer name u should see workgroup: workgroup. now u need to change the later the name of the workgroup on both machines from workgroup to something like bigdp what ever u use make sure it same on both ends. like the laws binding str8 cable...

well for me after making those change i don't reboot though u are prompted to. then share a folder on the desktop or laptop as the case may be then on the other system (host) open my documents in the address bar u type : \\"computer name" (type in the computer name not user name account without the quotes after the double backslash. .. u should patch tru....

Remember shut down firewall or both machines especially the system running home ED.



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