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managing multiple access point in an organisation

14 years 8 months ago #31174 by sose
I have four access point connected to each other in my organisation. wireless connectivity is poor in my organisation.
I am suspecting channelling problem. I tried to distance the channels by placing one AP in channel one then the second in channel six and the third in channel eleven but to no avail.

any other observations please- for better performance
14 years 8 months ago #31189 by lav_plsb1
In order to increase the wireless signal

Increase the bandwidth on the router (option available N router, N+ etc...)
waves can be absorbed, refracted or reflected by walls, metal surfaces, cordless phones, resulting in low signal strength
maximum of 4 access point can be on the same channel 1 or 6 or 11
disable firewall (default firewall > windows and third party firewall) because by default firewall is enabled on the router
if security is enabled (AES is the better option) if your computer supports
if your computer's had built in G wireless card then you will get 54mbps, if you follow the above steps
if your router is the N router with n wireless card then you will get 200-300 mbps

14 years 8 months ago #31207 by Chris

Sounds like you've got interference coming from somewhere or your antennas are not correctly placed, causing poor reception.

What access points are you using and what type of antennas?

Ensure you've got the access points spaced out enough so that the coverage area doesn't overlap too much between them.

Also, ensure your using non-overlapping channels such as 1, 6, 11, 1

The two most distant access points should use the same channel since you can't avoid it with 4 access points.


Chris Partsenidis.
Founder & Editor-in-Chief
14 years 8 months ago #31226 by sose
let me elucidate

this network is hosted in a branch office of my organisation so I did not design the network.

the architect is crazy about wireless networks so he made everything wirless

server room setup
there is an antenae mounted by an ISP which connects to a linksys wireless router then the wireless router connects to a 16 port switch. then 2 dlink access point AP1 and AP2 connect from the switch in thesame server room . then some 10metres away in different directions some two access points AP3 and AP4 connect wirelessly to AP1 and AP2 to extend signals to wireles clients around them.

AP1 and AP3 are on thesam channel and same ssid
AP2 and AP4 are on thesame channel and same ssid

my suggestions to the admin
AP1 and AP3 should be cabled
AP2 and AP4 should be cabled

sometime the admin get address conflict , I suspect multiple dhcp servers running since I was not on ground

usually I am protagonist of cable network I try to limit wirless involvement s in my network design
14 years 8 months ago #31249 by sose
14 years 8 months ago #31278 by sose
I actually got a very powerful access point that can cover the whole building
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