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Wirless connected But no internet Access

14 years 11 months ago #30119 by Junaidtechie
Hi friends,

I have laptop(dell 620) and i was able to connect to wireless previously but now when i tries to access the internet it show

But checked on the network connection windows the status of wirelesss shows connected.

Trouble shooting steps carried out:->>

1>>tried to remove the previous wilreless network in the perfered network=no go
2>>tried to readd the home wireless network but the status remain the same wilress connected but no internet acesss.
3>>checked the TCP/IP connection and tick automatically assign the address and automatically assign the DHCP
4>>enabled the TCP/IP filtering

But on my home computer i am able to access the home wireless and it is working fine

Can any body try to help him to resolve the solution!!!! :(
14 years 11 months ago #30120 by lav_plsb1

If wireless network shows connected then

1. Check the ip address > Right click Wireless connection->click Status->click support or Details
2. The ip address should be in the range of home computer
3. If it is, then go to DOS prompt and type in "ping" (Exclude quotes) once you get the replies, then "ping" (exclude quotes) once you get the replies

then the problem with the browser. you need to do IE settings on the browser. or try on different browser.
4. If you are not getting replies for yahoo or yahoo ip address ( then follow below mentioned step
(i) Assign the DNS address under wireless connection properties(Preferred DNS: and alternative DNS:
(ii) disable firewall, Restart the computer

NOTE: Please check the wireless card on your laptop. If it is Dell Wireless card, you will have Dell Software. Try to connect using dell software.
14 years 11 months ago #30125 by blajah
What do you get in dos-promp when you type ipconfig/all???
Is there valid IP adress, subnet mask, default gateway, DNS servers?
Maybe your DHCP client is not giving a good adress to a laptop, or maybe WIN is not writing them to a WiFi TCP/IP. Try to turn off all AV software and firewall, then in msdos promp type netsh int ip reset resetlog.txt. That will reset a TCP/IP protocol. Restart computer. Disable AV and firewall. Try to assign IP adresses manually.

Here we go again....
14 years 11 months ago #30140 by talk2sp
Replied by talk2sp on topic have you......?
no one has mentioned proxy. i think he needs to check his proxy settings behind is internet browser.


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14 years 11 months ago #30179 by Arani
Replied by Arani on topic Internet connectivity

Have you tried using the Internet Connection wizard to setup IE to use the specific wireless connection.

Picking pebbles on the shore of the networking ocean
14 years 3 months ago #33215 by CCronaldo
no one has mentioned proxy. i think he needs to check his proxy settings behind is internet browser.
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