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Share connection via USB modem / OS WinXP / Questions

15 years 9 months ago #27415 by Darkwatcher
Hi,I wonder does it possible and how I can share the internet from the modem witch one is import via USB,I mean about 3G modem,its like a "mp3 player" and I am not sure when I connect it does new "Local Area Connection X" will appare in "network connections" menu,cuz if appare I think I can share it like a normal LAN connection... but I am not sure.. and I want to share it in way like this WLAN and I think to buy wireless USB network adapter .And this is the configurations I need to make right WLAN conf
15 years 9 months ago #27430 by TheBishop
Your question is a little difficult to understand so let me check I've got the right picture. You want/have an internet connection via a modem connected to a PC via USB. And you want to know if you can share that. Yes you can. If your PC is running Windows you need to have a network card in the PC too and you need to turn on Internet Connecdtion Sharing. That will let you connect another PC to the network card in your first PC and the second PC will be able to access the internet too.
If there's more to your question than this, or if I've misunderstood then please try to provide more information
15 years 9 months ago #27431 by Darkwatcher
Thank you very much ! you understand me right,and I will see what I will do that night and if there is a problem I will replay again,thank you TheBishop
15 years 9 months ago #27442 by TheBishop
No problem. If you need guidance hit Google with Internet Connection Sharing and your OS and you'll find instructions
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