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Cisco Aironet 1130ag

16 years 3 months ago #23001 by muriloninja
I have installed several of these AP's on my network. They work like a charm. I have recently run into an issue though, we have some international users visiting from Norway and they cannot access the AP and get out to the Internet.

I am able to setup a profile for them and it always say's "Some of your configuration changes could not be saved" which I have learned to just go ahead and click "OK" and then it works after I refresh.

These two guys from Norway, I can get them on the AP and get a valid IP but cannot get to the Internet and the connection drops after 15-30 seconds.

Is their some restriction in place on the AP's that I am overlooking or is it simply driver based on their laptops?

They are using Dell and Fujitsu laptops. What's funny is that they say they have no problem connecting anywhere else, they can connect from the hotel they are staying in.

I'm at a loss and I uninstalled and reinstalled another driver from Dell and they now can connect everywhere including here.

I am using WPA-PSK TKIP encryption, nothing out of the ordinary.

So far I have chalked it up to driver based problems, but these are some executives and word has come down that they don't like having to call the IT guy just to connect.

Any ideas?
16 years 3 months ago #23005 by skepticals
Replied by skepticals on topic Re: Cisco Aironet 1130ag
Humm... that seems a little odd. We are using the same type of APs and authentication as you. I wouldn't think a laptop from out of the country would be configured in such a way that they wouldn't connect the same as the other laptops.

What OS are the laptops running? I know there seems to be problems with Vista and wireless APs.

Which browser are you using? IE? Maybe try a different one just to narrow things down a bit.

If they are connecting okay at the Hotel and I am assuming the Hotel is wide open. You could try to set an AP with no WPA and see if they can connect then. Just one more way to find the issue at hand.
16 years 3 months ago #23016 by muriloninja
We are all running WinXP Pro

So far they are good to go since I installed a new driver from Dell "Install this driver if you live outside the US". I don't know why Dell has to be so retarded with their wireless drivers. "Install this one if you live in the US & Japan" bla bla bla

One had a Japan driver, the other I'm not sure. I just uninstalled and reinstalled the new driver and it worked.

It has to be a driver issue because like you said, there should not be any issues with my AP's.

If we were using WPA2, it could be the wireless cards are not compatible but we are only using WPA-PSK TKIP.
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