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Security reports for Audits and Compliance

17 years 1 month ago #21878 by Axensis

We are looking for people with Cisco Wireless Access Points who are interested in beta testing software that will produce Security reports for Audits and Compliance. The reports test compliance with PCI DSS requirements:

11.1 Detects rogue APs

3.4 Shows encryption used in APs

4.1.1 Shows dates of last encryption keys

2.1.1 Finds APs that broadcast their SSID

2.1.1 Shows APs with Default Admin ID

2.1.1 Identifies APs with default passwords

2.1.1 Find APs with community string =public

1.1.7 Shows AP's with FTP Enabled

10.5.4 Monitors Access Point Event Logs

Please do not reply to the thread. Let’s not interrupt the discussion here. If you are interested in, please register here >> or email us at
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