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Extending WLAN

17 years 1 month ago #21842 by chandak76
Extending WLAN was created by chandak76

Here is setup

internet---->Billion modem/router---->dlink dwl 2100AP(AP with WDS)---->dlink dwl 2100AP(AP with WDS)---->Linksys WRT54G---->LAN

The Billion is setup by my isp and has dhcp with the range 192.168.1.x subnet gateway

I think if I connect the billion lan port to the linksys lan port( ethernet cable) and turn dhcp off on the linksys(static ip) the clients would have internet because the billion will be dhcp server correct me where im wrong,

now if I connect the first dlink to the billion in ap-wds mode and give it a ststic ip in the same range and the same with the second dlink and connect it to the linksys, both on lan ports, will the users have access to the internet, how will ip address be assigned? or do i have to connect the second dlink to the wan port of the linksys and turn on dhcp.

I don't have the model of the billion and only the isp will have acces to it.

The distance between the two dlinks is about 50m with a signal of about 60% but I'll have to move the around and hopefuly get about 70 to 80% signal, will that affect the internet speed?

Thank you in advance
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