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Now what do iii do...

16 years 7 months ago #20789 by talk2sp
Hello Guys,

I got this wireless software that controls the usage of ur wireless by outside bodies instead of always chaning wep key its called first spot but when i see some of the rules guiding it before i install men its frustrating me. and making my brain burst cos of thoughts..

This is the scenario.

My switch is connected to the wireless router and from the wireless router to the indoor unit. INDOOR UNIT >>> WIRELESS ROUTER>> SWITCH/HUB>> SYSTEMS.

The wireless router assigns DHCP addresses to all systems both the ones in the cafe (desktops) and the systems with wireless cards (laptop). now one of the readme rules is that i should disable DHCP server and if i have to do this that means the desktops will not work. so people what do i do so that the desktop can work and also the laptops could work. because i can not disable the DHCP server. the router acts like the DHCP server. so what do i do. does that means i have no other option. Is there any other way i could make this work. i need it to work.

Guys i hope u feel my pain i hope u understand the concept i am trying to bring forward.. i need to control the access people have to the wireless service and i dont want to keep changing my wep key every day. or every 1.30hrs. i need the users to have a time limit and this software can but its rules are to binding.

Need u guyz advice. i thought of may be changing all the cards on the desktops to wireless pci cards but men that costs money. people whats up tell me wat to do.. i need this thing to work. I can now see the reason why the other software i tried using did not work its called antemeida .... when i install it the systems will not be able to print...

below is a preview of the first spot read me document..

Pre-installation preparation
As FirstSpot® works with low-level network driver, it can be sensitive with your existing Windows configuration. Please aware of the followings:

1) For the network card connect to Wi-Fi Hotspot (or sometimes we call Private Network Interface), please make sure “NetBEUI Protocol” is disabled (enabling this will cause unpredictable result, including crashing Windows).

2) Windows components requirements
Please make sure the following Windows components are installed before trying to install FirstSpot® (check under Start Menu-> Administrative Tools -> Services)

i) Routing and Remote Access

Please install this required component before installing FirstSpot®.

Also, we recommend that you disable the following Windows services:
i) Internet Connection Sharing
ii) Internet Connection Firewall (ICF, also known as Windows Firewall)
ii) DHCP Server
iii) DNS Server
iv) IIS Admin Service
v) World Wide Web Publishing Service


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