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What is d typical setup for wi-fi in corporate environment?

17 years 5 months ago #19270 by raid2005
What is the typical setup for wi-fi in corporate environment? Any suggestion, i'm highly appreciated.
17 years 4 months ago #19770 by wannafly172
The typical Corp setup for wi-fi isnt a complex one.... it has to be off the main network because if it isnt unless you are WEP encypted you will have people stealing it and using it to access unapproved items. you can do i free open wireless but you need to look at security from the main network. or if anything at least a passworded entry point to the main network

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17 years 1 month ago #21609 by semper
Cisco has a good solution, particularly for a large corporation. It's somewhat of a PITA to setup, but it's worth is in the long run.

It incorporates 802.1x authentication, a wide variety of encryption protocols from no encryption, WEP to WPA,TKIP, etc), dynamic network placement by SSID.

Basically you connect to an SSID and pass the user authentication, then the access point will place you on the appropriate network via vlans. So you don't have to put those pesky consultants on your internal network. Put them on a DMZ and only give them port 80. :D
17 years 1 month ago #21767 by skepticals
I would not recommend using WEP - too many tools used to crack it. Better off with WPA as far as I know.
16 years 9 months ago #23055 by Shotz
There is also a solution from Aruba. This is the competition of Cisco.

Much easiser to set-up!

I disagree completely with the statement that it can not be part of the network. If the network is set up properly, then it should just be an extension of the wired network.

But the planning and and set-up must be done properly.

Do not use WEP. This should not even be an option.
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