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Stolen laptops security

12 years 5 months ago #37745 by sose
Stolen laptops security was created by sose
central monitoring and image automation tools, such as Symantec’s Altiris and Kaseya can be use in a stolen laptop situation you will be able to find out not just an IP address, which is what a typical anti-theft product like LoJack would provide, but an actual physical address, the names of the user’s girlfriend and family, how to access their bank accounts,
and even turn on the microphone on the laptop and listen to what they were saying while they were typing.

If you dont need a vendor operated tool then you can set up your own central place where alerts can be sent? GadgetTrak,Oribicule’s Undercover for Macs and iPhones, Prey (for Mac, Windows, and Linux), and PC/Mac PhoneHome are all tools that don’t make use of any central monitoring station. Instead, the software sends info to your e-mail (and for GagetTrak, to Flickr) accounts directly. With some of these products, upon booting they look for the presence or absence of a special URL that indicates the laptop has been stolen. If so, they send information, such as the current IP address, a snapshot from a Webcam, screenshots, and other details to your e-mail address.

But prevention is always better than cure. Don't leave your laptops in the trunk of your car or in your bags at recreational centers
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