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optiCal Mouse what effect put ing

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13 years 1 month ago #36488 by truesdq
if uzing Optical mouse ... and our ryte hand iz mostli on the mouse to move arround )()()()( ->,^,<-... and optical mouse izn;t panitrate rayz to da skin of our hand ... and i think it would be dangerous to our ryte hand ... (mayb some holdz wit left hand)
what u thinking about tiz issue /// and how to save our ryte hand ?
yea if some1 sugestz us keybord commandz /// rather than moslti uzing clicking ///?
any other alternative replacing optical mouse?


13 years 1 month ago #36490 by Nevins
The only danger from an optical mouse is to the joints in your hands. Optical mice emit light and light radiation. Light is only dangerous if there is enough of it to cause a burn from heat. Additionally The light from an opical mouse never hits your hand so I think your safe.

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13 years 1 month ago #36538 by manojsharma
nnbnbBest practice is to use keyboard shortcuts to work fast and trust me working with shortcuts is really faster then mouse, like if I want to minimize all my windows on my desktop, I can just press "Windows Logo key +D" :wink:

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