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data recovery specialist

15 years 7 months ago #27946 by cjsmith22
i had an 80g sata drive blue screen after installing sp3 so i tried swopping it with a working sata drive in a Dell server (which contained 2x 80gb sata drives (c:\ and d:\), (the d:\ drive contains a number of PST files)) just to see if i could see the corrupt drive at all. not surprisingly the corrupt drive didnt show up in the Dell server so I've swopped the drives back. I've then given the corrupt drive to a data recovery specialist to see what they can find. I've just had a mail off them and they're able to recover a number of PST files (not the PST file i am interested in!) all of which are found on the working d:\ drive on the Dell server!
How can data from a working drive which i have physically removed from the Dell server find its way onto the corrupt drive which i have temporarily replaced it with !?
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