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How to disable compaq laptop keyboard?

15 years 7 months ago #27698 by ardeef

My compaq laptop keeps on displaying "6" to eternity as if the key 6 has been pressed all the time. I tried to connect a usb keyboard into it, hoping that the laptop's own keyboard will be automatically disabled, but I was wrong. It reads input both from the usb keyboard and its own keyboard.

Is there a way to disable it? Or any way to solve this?

15 years 7 months ago #27709 by S0lo
The key could truly be stuck pressed from the inside due to dust/grease even if you don't notice it when you see it. I recommend taking it to one of those workshops, in many cases laptop keys can usually be lift up and reinserted down for cleaning.

One doubt here, do you hear continuing beep sounds when you switch on the laptop? If yes, then this probably confirms the key is really pressed and clears out software/virus doubts.

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