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external hard drive goes missing

16 years 4 weeks ago #26170 by cjsmith22
I have 2 identical HP notebooks (xp sp2) and a 30 GB usb external hard drive. When i plug the drive into notebook1 i can see all 30GB fine (5 on F: and 25 on G: ). When I plug it into notebook2 the G:drive seems to disapear leaving me with only 5GB on the F: drive. I've tried it on a number of other machines but I only seem to get the problem on this one notebook. any ideas?
16 years 3 weeks ago #26177 by TheBishop
This might be because you have an existing device in the notebook already set to use the same drive letter. Have a look in the disk administrator snap-in under Computer Management to see if this is the case. If it is, just reassign the drive letter for the device and your external drive will magically reappear
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