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Recover data from "dead" memory stick

16 years 3 months ago #25200 by tazziewan
Hi folks,

May I know if there are any software available to recover data from a "dead" memory stick? The memory stick is not being recognized by windows when I tried to plug it in.

Greatly appreciated any advice or suggestion.

With regards,
16 years 3 months ago #25223 by KiLLaBeE
Could you clarify a bit on what you are referring to by "memory stick"?

If you are referring to regular, computer RAM, then the dead/defective memory would probably cause the system to post an error when you turn the computer on and so, preventing you from being able to access your system to then work to try to recover the data. Also, due to RAM's design, if power isn't always available to it, then its data would be lost.

If you are referring to the memory sticks that you insert into cameras and other portable devices (i.e.: Memory Stick Pro, Memory Stick Duo, etc), then there are a few things we can try before going to the extremes of using data recovery software:
1) Try on different memory card reader
2) Try on different computer
3) See if data is detected when the card is inserted into its appropriate device
4) See if the card is detected in any way by a computer (i.e.: seen at My Computer, computer management, etc)

If the card is detected by the computer, you can then try to use data recovery software to recover the data.

16 years 2 months ago #25717 by NeoTech
Hey, on a hunch i'm going to cover something the guy above didnt, if by 'memory stick' you meant the type of USB memory sticks used for file storage, i may be able to help identify the problem...

Once, a year or so back, i was building a new pc for myself and i accidentally connected the front USB ports to the firewire (IEEE 1394) controller on my motherboard thanks to asus labeling the optional 'easy wiring' blocks they give you wrong. i had one labled USB and only the firewire controller pins on the motherboard had the plastic wall around it that it fit into. After id connected it all up, anything i connected to the PC didn't respond, it was only after i destroyed my printer and MP3 player (which is basically a USB memory stick with a headphone jack) that i realised what the problem was... :shock: OVER-VOLTAGE !!!

Incidentally a similar thing might be the culprit here, not saying you've wired your system wrong, but these USB devices have little microchips on them that hold information a computer uses to identify them and if thats been shorted out somehow im afraid the device has had it. My printer is a multifunction and still works fine as a stand alone photocopier but i must have blown the chip in question as any pc no longer even responds when it is plugged in to USB. My MP3 player however is dead... :cry:

If it has experienced an overvoltage my friend, i honestly don't think the data is recoverable.

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