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intalling a WD SATA drive

16 years 8 months ago #23398 by MadFLy
i have installed it and now it only picks up in the taskbar, but not in the computer management or windows explorer, so how am i suppose to partition the damn drive?

i have heard that i was suppose to get a driver diskette with the drive, but i didnt.

does any1 know where i can download the drivers to install, so that i can partition the drive?
16 years 8 months ago #23399 by Chris
Replied by Chris on topic Re: intalling a WD SATA drive
What operating system are you using?

It is very uncommon not being able to see a new drive under 'Disk Management' in the Computer Management panel.

Have you checked with WD to ensure you really need drivers installed to see the drive?

On another note, double check you haven't plug the SATA drive onto a RAID supported port, hence producing the problems you are experiencing;

Chris Partsenidis.
Founder & Editor-in-Chief
16 years 8 months ago #23400 by MadFLy
uhm... :oops:

sorry for that question... i havent properly checked the bios... i saw that all sata options were enabled, but then i accidentally disabled on option and all the master and primary sata options under SATA 1, SATA 2 or whatever were greyed out. when i rebooted to see if that would work, the bios finally picked up the drive and i got it in disk management.

my bad!...
15 years 1 week ago #30571 by firefold001
Replied by firefold001 on topic Re:PC Based Hardware
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