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kvm switch for 2 monitors 15 years 9 months ago #22052

Hi, I've got two monitors (one for windows and the other for linux box). I was wondering if its possible to use a kvm switch to control both systems so i can easily switch b/w the 2 display, rather than have one display for the two systems... so far i have seen kvms with a single port for just one monitor. can this do the job or is there a diff one for my need? any posts and link(s) appreciated. many thanks
" are never too old to learn" anon

Re: kvm switch for 2 monitors 15 years 9 months ago #22056

You can use a regular 2-port KVM to accomplish your needs. It would be setup in the following way:

monitor 1 would be directly connected to computer 1. monitor 2 would be directly connected to computer 2. The two ports on the KVM used for the keyboard and mouse would be connected to the two computers. One keyboard and mouse (the ones you will use) will connect to the KVM. So basically, the monitor port on the KVM will not have anything connected to it.

That shouldn't affect the KVM's functionality, unless the KVM you are using is weird and requires the monitor for signal detection and whatnot, but most KVMs use the keyboard and/or mouse for that instead.


Re: kvm switch for 2 monitors 15 years 9 months ago #22060

thanks from what u've described i can easily switch between the two displays from the keyboard say using scroll lock key.
...I'll try it out and return here if it dont work...sounds logical so i gues it wuld. many thanks
" are never too old to learn" anon

A second Chance 15 years 9 months ago #22245

Hey Guys

My KVM died on me a couple of days ago. Little did i know after throwing it away, and finally reading the manual. It wasn't dead, but i didn't know how to switch between monitors display by pressing "Scroll lock" Well that my heart ache revealed .

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