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Super netting RULES help needed

8 years 3 months ago #38698 by uLtImAtE-pReSeNcE

Before we get in to deep waters, we must talk about the main rule that applies to creating Supernets. For our example, this rule dictates that, in order to create Supernets from Class C IP Addresses, the network address must be consecutive and the third octec of the first IP Address must be divisible by two.

If we had 8 networks we wanted to combine, then the third octec of the first IP address would need to be divisible by eight and not two.

Chris, I have tried looking up this on the internet and no other site mentions these rules. What is the reason for these rules?

a. Is it to ensure you do not pickup any stray (not to be summarized) networks by forcibly sandwiching them in between 2 legit networks?

b. For any Class B & Class A IPs to be super netted, 2nd & 1st octects will be looked into respectively?

Any and all advise, help heavily appreciated.
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