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Share specific resource across different subnets?

9 years 9 months ago #38553 by toddk63
I just found this site today while searching for an answer to my question. Reading some of the tutorials here has brought my networking knowledge up immensely, but I'm still left with some confusion.

My current setup. Small home network cascading a wired router (Netgear RP614v4 @ to a wireless router (Linksys E2500 @ LAN to WAN for two separate subnets. I want the two subnets so that any connected wireless device cannot see the resources on the wired subnet (Win7 desktops).

I just added a TiVo HD with a wireless adapter, so it gets assigned to the wireless 192.168.1.xx subnet. I want to make an exception for this one wireless device to share resources with a PC on the wired subnet. How can I do this?


Todd K.
9 years 9 months ago #38554 by toddk63
Update. I added a NIC (ethernet card) to the wired Win 7 PC and connected to a LAN of the wireless router. Now the two subnets can ping each other. I still need to figure out how to allow ONLY the TiVo to communicate withe wired subnet and nothing else?
9 years 8 months ago #38567 by Nevins
By default if you can ping from one subnet to the other you are able to communicate between subnets. That being said if the only device you want to communicate to your wired network is your TiVo. Get the TiVo mac address and enable Source mac filtering. This is kind of like port security but it's the netgear version of it.

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