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Connecting two Class C networks

17 years 11 months ago #15665 by Brandonh
I have been trying to connect two class c networks for quite some time now any help would be greatly appreciated thank you.

I have two dsl/cable routers and I have tried diffrent ways to connect them and remain on two networks such as and I first connected a patch cable from the WAN of router 1 to a LAN port on router 2 then a patch cable from the WAN of router 2 to the LAN of router 1. I then tried pinging the opposite network from each side and it worked and I was able to share files and even be in the same domain being on two diffrent networks. But now that I have internet I cant do it that way because im using up the WAN ports on both routers to go between each other and I dont have a Dual WAN router. I then connected router 1 to the internet then router 2's WAN to the Lan on router one which enabled me to go from router 2 to router 1 but router 1 would not comunicate with router 2. I tried changing the subnetmask of router 1 to , then i could ping network 2 but the node i was trying to ping would say recieving from when i pinged I am on the node pinging and said recieving from and i have nothing set as the only addresses im using are and I take it that its reaching the other node on the other network but i cannot do a remote desktop connection i thought that maybe the routers where blocking that port 3389 but if i have the first router connected to its lan its not going out of the gateway and would not be blocking any ports. So either they arnt really connected or there is some issue that is causing them not to connect correctly. does anyone have any idea on how to get this to work my goal is to remain on diffrent networks but beable to comunicate between each other. I dont know if i need to make static routes or reconfigure the whole thing.
17 years 11 months ago #16053 by black3842
Replied by black3842 on topic see if this helps
Router 1 wan port connected to internet
router 1 LAN connected to PCs and Router 2 WAN port
Router 2 LAN ports connected to PC's

PC's connected to router 2 can reach PC's connected to Router 1 because Their default route is up through Router1, but those connected to Router 1 can't see the computers connected to Router 2

Because their default route is out to the internet instead of down to that downstream network - they have no route for that network.

So..... on Router 1, Go into your router config and set a static route for the downstream network and set the default next hop or gateway for that static route to be the IP address of that downstream router's WAN port.

Make any sense?
17 years 9 months ago #17131 by zenzippy
This worked for me, even though im not the orignal poster.

Now I have two nat boxes, not that it that important for a home network :)

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