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expert need not possible to access the router 871

12 years 7 months ago #37632 by sais
for testing some command i tiried in router 871 for some command .

ip dhcp pool don
int vlan 1
ip adress

line vty 0 4
password bbbb

line consol 0
password ddddd
login local
and also conf
username bob privlege 15 password cisco

so when login console it ask for username & password .
when i enter username password it say it say login failed

whn i try telnet router through ip address i can telnet.
go to enable mode . after that it again ask for password which i didnt set ?

what can i do to access router ? and also tired recovery password
rom mode : confreq

after reset & boot command . here also ask for usename and password ?
also whn i enter cmd sh version: here register 0*0 ?

wat will be the solution .
expert advise me.

i can only telnet : as i set dhcp ip in router 871 :
here it ask for enable password ? which i didnt configure .......
12 years 7 months ago #37635 by Chris

From what I understand, you have problems trying to obtain access to your router, despite the password recovery which you might have performed.

I'd advise you to follow step-by-step our password recovery article in order to successfully recover your configuration and reset your password(s):

Good luck!

Chris Partsenidis.
Founder & Editor-in-Chief
12 years 7 months ago #37637 by sais
i tired password recovery step
1 confreg 0x2142
2 reset
3 boot (its boot ios )

4 step its asking again username password . its not going usermode or privilege mode .

as i set dhcp ip address . i can telnet router . but can go to privilge mode . as it ask enable password which i didnt set .
but whn i enter sh version command .

my register show 0*0 ?
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