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VLANs on swtich Or on router

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13 years 3 weeks ago #36590 by truesdq
some1 asked me why switches are supposed on VLAN/s for creation , if we put VLANs creation on router ... could we do ?

My ans was in NO .. i said him that router only works on layer 3 and its main function is to rout data/packets... and In LAN we observe communication is performing on LAyer 2 (DATA LINK Layer) and switch also on this layer ,,, that is why switch is supposed for creation of VLAN/s ... yes if different VLANS want to communicate /// router is there to do this job ...

and and he rejected my ans and told me that since router is expensive therefor3, we can't use router for VLAN ...


So needed your opinions about it...

13 years 3 weeks ago #36591 by manojsharma
You are right "truesdq"

I agree with you and your explanation is really good. :)
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