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Cert Test timers

13 years 3 weeks ago #37183 by Nevins
Cert Test timers was created by Nevins
Are icnd2 and CCNA linked in terms of re-take timers?

I've yet to take icnd2 or the ccna combined exam but I feel like I may have over-studied for the icnd1 when I took it. (not saying it didn't provide invaluable information that way but it seemed like I set the test up to be something really hard when it wasn't) This time around rather then spend time worrying about the "impossible" test and over planning I would rather just study the material and move on to the next thing. If icnd2 and CCNA aren't linked in terms of reset I would feel more comfortable on an attempt knowing that I don't have to wait 180 days before the next one (or whatever the timer is).

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