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Solarwinds Certified Professional

13 years 11 months ago #35046 by skepticals
I took and passed the Solarwinds Certified Professional exam today. Has anyone else taken it? It's actually a pretty solid exam. It is around 1/3 Orion NPM questions and 2/3 general network monitoring questions. Passing it, in my opinion, takes a great deal of networking knowledge. I only had one question that I thought was worded poorly out of 77.
13 years 11 months ago #35048 by sose
accept my congratulations
13 years 11 months ago #35053 by S0lo
Many congrats skepticals. Infact, I never knew that they had certs!!. Great work :)

Studying CCNP...

Ammar Muqaddas
Forum Moderator
13 years 10 months ago #35060 by Arani
Replied by Arani on topic ...
Congrats dude. I didn't know you could certify yourself on that as well. So what does that make you now? sorry for being ignorant

Picking pebbles on the shore of the networking ocean
13 years 10 months ago #35078 by skepticals
SCP - Solarwinds Certified Professional.

I didn't know it existed either. I had to implemented as part of my job; so I figured I would study and get certified while doing so...
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