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10 Tips to Succeed at Mcse Certification Exams

14 years 7 months ago #32693 by beibei520
The Microsoft Certified system engineer or MCSE examination is taken by students and IT professionals world wide.

The MCSE certification is for professionals who design and implement infrastructure for Windows server 2003. The MCSE is recognized globally and shows technical competence. The MCSE consists of 6 core exams and one elective.

There are ways in which one must prepare for the MCSE exam:

1. Find out what you need to cover in the exams. Then find out about the MOC classes or other classes and boot camps online that will help you prepare for the exam such that you will succeed.

2. Log onto the Microsoft MCSE learning groups discussion and update yourself on preparing for the exam.

3. Find out about MCSE training resources. There are many options online and offline.

4. If you are serious about passing you need to create an infallible study plan. Decide whether you like to study alone or in a group.

5. Collect the right study material. This should include: books, practice tests (online or offline), CBTs or computer based training, and MCSE audio training units.

6. Use MCSE online resources both free and paid to ensure that you are studying right and that you are not off track.

7. Learn to plan your study and ensure you have time for review. Read about optimizing study at:

8. Attempt as many practice exams as you can this will polish your knowledge of installing, configuring, and administering windows server 2000 and 2003 and other aspects like implementing network infrastructure, directory infrastructure, and installation of windows systems.

9. Network with other students and exchange tips and information on study material and experiences.

10. Get a MCSE coach. An expert who will test you on your preparedness and keep you on track so that you leave no lacunae in your preparations.

Study well, ensure you eat balanced meals, use available resources, keep in mind brain overload, take sufficient rest and don't be afraid. Often a days rest will refresh your mind and body such that double the amount of studying will be done the next day. So always listen to your mind and body and believe in your abilities to succeed.

The World Wide Web has zillions of resources on MCSE certifications and it is important for you to use reliable resources and not spend money on wrong things. Choose wisely and you are sure to succeed. There are online magazines such as the Microsoft Certified Professional Magazine Online that offers exam reviews, tips, and leads to other resources.
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