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CCNA exam

14 years 10 months ago #31630 by pedenski
CCNA exam was created by pedenski
by next week, im about to take the CCNA exam, and i was just wondering if in what topics should i concentrate on?

ive read some the reactions of other people and said that most of the questions given are about STP, unfortunately, I hate STP.. Im having a hard time understanding it..

can you give me some tips how to overcome some of the tough questions?
14 years 10 months ago #31641 by ZiPPy
Replied by ZiPPy on topic Re: CCNA exam
No real way to overcome some of the tough questions, you just have to understand the material. If you don't understand, go back and read it over and over again. You will know when you're ready to take the exam, because you will have ate, slept, and breathed Cisco constantly. 8)

Here is the syllabus from Cisco. Know these each and every topic inside and out.

Don't forget subnetting. Know your subnetting very well, and know how to do it fast. You don't want to waste time on the exam trying to figure out how to subnet.

Cisco Link:



14 years 10 months ago #31765 by stuh84
Replied by stuh84 on topic Re: CCNA exam
Probably slightly late on this one, but I'll throw my thoughts in. I passed about a month ago, so its all still quite recent forme.

To pass, you need to know subnetting inside out, VLANs, all the involved routing protocols, Frame Relay, STP, hell anything that is on the exam objectives.

If there is anything you are struggling on, focus on it, it's the only way to overcome it. Oddly enough, I was having big issues with some of the CCENT stuff, but blazing through the ICND2 material, hence I failed the composite exam twice. I split the thing into two though, concentrated like mad, passed the ICND1, and absolutely nailed the ICND2.

Have you taken many practice exams at all?
14 years 10 months ago #31808 by thimer
Replied by thimer on topic Re: CCNA exam
Hey Stuh84,

First of all congratulations. And I'd like to ask you some stuff;

1-Im going through the ICND1 material (donwloaded from internet), but I dont have the CDs to do the exercises on it. Every chapter they as you to go to the CD and do some memorization exercises. Do you think this is essential for me? I mean, Do I really need to do it?
2-Also, where did you find practise exams or something?
3-Did you use some extra material except from this website, and the Cisco ICND1 and ICND2 guides?
4-If you have any extra advice, pls share it with us!

I intend to take the ICND1 in 50 days' time. Im at chapter 7 right now.
13 years 6 months ago - 11 years 1 month ago #36070 by tbarbosa
Replied by tbarbosa on topic Re: CCNA exam
Try the ‘thebryanadvantage’ site, very helpful for understanding STPs. There’s also a free CCNA certification practise exam that’ll compliment this. There’s a explanation on how to prevent loops in bridged or switched networks with redundant links. Of course, knowledge of the 5 configuration states is important. Blocking and forwarding are the trickiest I have to admit.
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