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21 years 2 weeks ago #550 by mayavi
Tunneling was created by mayavi
Wht is this technique called tunneling.... if we implement this, do we need to change the head office firewall ?
21 years 1 week ago #551 by Chris
Replied by Chris on topic Security

Tunneling is a term used to describe special type of connections.

The term does explain its self, meaning that when implementing tunneling, you create a virtual secure tunnel which can carry sensitive data within it. People sniffing the tunnel only get jumbled data that makes no sence.

There are a few different ways to implement it, the most common is PPTP- Point to Point Tunnel Protocol. A quick search on google will reveal a lot of great resources on the protocol as it hasnt been covered yet here.

Implementing it would require both sides, client and Firewall/server to support it.


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