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Multicast over VLANs

9 years 1 month ago #38563 by Sjox
Multicast over VLANs was created by Sjox
Hi all,

I have a technical challenge I would very much appreciate your help on. I'm new to networking so please go easy on me :-)

The setup is as follows:
- 1x Netgear GS728TP switch
- 4x IP camera (connected to the switch)
- 1x workstation with our recording software (connected to the switch)
- Company network consisting of multiple switches and a Firewall router (for internet access) connected to port 1 on the switch. On a pc of the company network, an instance of our viewer software is running.

The recording software can record the video streams of the IP cameras and at the same time, streams the footage real-time as a multicast to one or more instances of the viewer software, where the videofootage can be viewed. This viewer software runs on a pc somewhere in the company network.

With the above setup, all seems to work fine: all components were part of the same network (=the company network) and I enabled IGMP snooping on all switches and set one switch as the IGMP querier. I used wireshark to check that indeed the multicasts were sent to only the pc running the viewer software and not to the entire network. This was the case.

However, making it one big network (especially since we want to use many more IP cameras) seemed to me slightly risky so I wanted to shield off the recording part of the setup (IP cameras and recording pc) from the viewing part of the setup (company network). The idea was to prevent the broadcasts from the company network to enter the recording part and potentially cause interference there. I tried to achieve this by using different VLANs, making the following setup:
VLAN 1 - Company network (with the pc running viewer software)
VLAN 4 - IP cameras and workstation with recording software

I configured the switch for interVLAN routing and set the default gateways on the PCs such that I am able to ping to the different devices from one VLAN to the other. However, the multicast from the recording software (on VLAN4) does not seem to reach the viewing software (VLAN1).

My question is: is it possible to route the Multicast trafic over VLANs? And if so, how should I go about this?
Alternatively, if you think that a different solution than VLANs would be more appropriate, I'm very much interested!

Thank you all in advance!
Kind regards,
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