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Design : When to separate VoIP traffic

9 years 11 months ago #38555 by Darkwatcher
Hello everyone.

I have started a new job in the branch, and now I am facing the old employe problems, and I need other opinions about my infrastructure suggestions.

The company consist of ruffly 50 people for now, and 30 of them have Cisco IP phones for now.
Right now everything +servers are in the same network, and beside the bad cabling I consider separating IP Phones from PC's. And because right now we have only 1 router, I consider moving the IP Phones to a separate network with the Servers (for now) and in the future if the company grows to move them to a separate own network. So far I notice no big impact on the network from the phones and that makes me doubt my decision about separating them at this point. But beside that I have come up with solution for the cabling, since phones uses 100mbs (4 wires) I consider using LAN Spliters to maximize the cable resources. But at that level, do I need this ? When we might have an impact on the network by keeping everything together (beside the servers, they will be move for sure)
So I would like to hear second opinion about that.

P.S. We also do have 3x surveillance cameras but when they are not turned on because break down the network. I wonder where should I put them as well.
I have attached the network structure I aim for, and also the network structure I would like to have after that.
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