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Need a recommendation for a router and an IPS

10 years 8 months ago - 10 years 8 months ago #38436 by einklienermench
Sup guys,

Im planning my new home network and i need to find a good router to provide load balancing, NAT and Inter Vlan Routing. And also an IPS that will handle the traffic.
In terms of budger, i prefer to get quality from cisco than shit from 3com.
In other words, i will invest in the hardware if its worth it.
The main uses of this network will be small server hosting and high speed downloads.
The modems are 100/3mbit DL/UL each.

The basic idea is that the network will look like this:

Thanks guys
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10 years 4 months ago #38470 by Bublitz
Check out pfsense. It has all these features and you can even do support though the makers at good rates.

The Bublitz
Systems Admin
Hospice of the Red River Valley
10 years 4 months ago #38477 by Chris

Did you end up implementing this scenario? We would love to have an update on it!


Chris Partsenidis.
Founder & Editor-in-Chief
10 years 2 months ago - 10 years 2 months ago #38519 by einklienermench

First of all, i have to thank you for all your hard work on this awesome website, i learned allot from this resource and its really not known well enough for its value.

Second of all, i ended up purchasing allot of equipment and the network these days looks very different. I didn't implement this dual ISP Scenario because its just not worth it for the bandwidth that one would get.
This home net/lab is used for my CCNP and MCSE studies with visualization in mind (hence the 12 core server)

Did some ebay shopping (no wife to boss me around :laugh: )
cisco 2960G-24TC-L for 350$ (had to pay for gigabit)
cisco 3750-24TS-S for 100$ (an epic deal)
cisco ips 4240 (for 200$!!! insane find)
dell r210-ii (xeon e3-1230v1 + 16gb ram+ dual 500gb sata drives) 250$
dell r410 (dual xeon x5660 + 32gb ram + 4x 450gb cheetah 15.7k) 200$ (a medium sized company owed me money for services and payed with this -valued at around 2.5k$)
cisco pix 515e - 35$
cisco 7401ASR - 65$
cisco 501 content media engine (celeron 2.4ghz) (syslog/scp/ftp/tftp + tacacs server)

I connected everything using a star topology with everything that absolutely needs to have gigabit (the servers have 4x1gbe nics each) and all management and non essentially-gigabit links to the 3750 as access vlan traffic.

I know that star topology means 0 redundancy and i bought an RPS 675 just in case anything happens to the switch power supplies.

The network is connected to the edge using a 7401ASR+PXF+SA-VAM, it pushes around 220Mbit/s using PAT.
The network edge is protected with the PIX 515E (will upgrade the cpu to a 1GHz sometime next month-will post pics!)
The cream of the crop is that 3750, it has 2 SFP ports that move traffic towards the edge through a series of QOS rules.

Toughs? :)

Found a diagram, not very recent but captures the idea.
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