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ASA 5505 firewall will use as a Firewall /router

11 years 3 weeks ago #38375 by dexter12
Is there a big dis-advantage if I use the ASA 5505 as a firewall and Router in one?
my major concern is will the ssl-vpn and Ipsec VPN still work if I did this Set-up

any input is Appreciated since I'm still a newbie in Cisco devices

10 years 6 months ago #38449 by Chojin
Normally your ASA 5505 is already a router... and it is dedicated to be a firewall, so no problem at that one.

Only thing you can get if you use the upgraded license where you can have 20 Vlans, is that your ASA will become a bottleneck for traffic as it can only handle 100mbit per port and has a maximum throughput.

It all depends on your needs.

CCNA / CCNP / CCNA - Security / CCIP / Prince2 / Checkpoint CCSA
10 years 6 months ago #38451 by dexter12
Thanks Chojin, Appreciate your input.

I hope you can give a suggestion on my issue right now on our ASA5505 firewall

internal host cannot access external ip which redirected to internal ip address
return traffic.

my Scenario

1. internal host ( ) accessing our public IP ( )having problem is port forward to our webserver internally..

2. external host or differeant ISP/connection accessing our Public IP ( ) no problem they can view or see the website
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