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Network Design.... and Suggestions

13 years 1 month ago #37058 by talk2sp
Hi all, first I must expressed how much I have missed everyone and the hot discussions here. Work Work Work..

I am designing and hopefully will be implementing a Cisco Network for an International company.

This is the architecture:

Internet Link> Network Router(Cisco Series Router)>Cisco L2 Switch>Cisco Wireless AP.

2 HP Servers (ML350) will connect directly to the switch, as well as Network printers, storage mediums, etc.

Now I am looking at a wireless environment for the clients machines, some people hate seen cables.

The challenge here is The HQ office outside Nigeria wants to be able to access files on my server here in Abuja. The team head of IT over there in UK is proposing Cloud infrastructure, i.e. placing out data farm and infrastructure on the cloud. But as the specialist here I am kicking against it cos for now we dont have the Internet backbone / infrastructure in Nigeria to begun running applications and co through the cloud.

They have been able to accept my suggestions and defenses, but they want to have access from UK to my server here in Nigeria. Access to files (documents) more especially.

Please guys what are the suggestions to make this happen?

I will sincerely appreciate quick responses.

Thanks people, much thanks.

meanwhile when i am done with the visio diagram which i will be sending to UK, i will make an upload as well as a packet tracer file.


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12 years 10 months ago #37304 by big_g

if you need access outside the network to files inside and dont want cloud computing - why not an IPSec tunnel?

sorry if im missing something

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