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Help me to decide

21 years 2 months ago #252 by noorfaizal
Help me to decide was created by noorfaizal
Hi there,

I'm planning to setup a multiplayer gaming center. It will have at least 30pcs. So my question is...

Shold i use 2 stackable 16-ports switches, or just 2 non-stackable 16-ports switches and connect them via cascading just to cater a very busy multiplayer gaming environment???

Thanx in advance.

21 years 1 month ago #253 by Chris
Replied by Chris on topic Help me to decide

If you choose to use 2 stackable 16 port switches, it would be like having a 32 port switch since your connecting one backbone of the switch to the other.

In practical terms though you most probably not be able to notice any difference in performance.

If the cost isnt much of an issue, then go for the stackable option.


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