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21 years 2 months ago #246 by TinaRhea
project was created by TinaRhea
i'm have this project to do in one of my classes, and I was wondering if you could tell me the best way to go. I have a building to network. the building is 3 halls (a,b,c) A & B have the same layout and are 2 storys each. hall C is one floor. All the halls are 200m and the atrium that connects them is 160m. We cannot use wireless.
The "I room" is in Hall C.
oh yeah halls A & B also have labs at the end of them. Labs contain 8 pc's each. Staff offices 2 pc's each, and Admin. offices 4 pc's each.The I room is where the main internet feed is present T1 line to 10baseT.
Here is the deal:
Traffic in each hall should be isolated from each other.
Every machine should be capable of sharing files. (except the labs, they are seperate, they share with no one.)
Every office staff and admin. and lab has a networked printer.
future expansion should be built in.
i've got a couple of idea's going.. but it still isn't right, and i'm running out of time.. any help will be appreciated.
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