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buddy station

17 years 11 months ago #16032 by sose
buddy station was created by sose
In my cyber cafe , I use a buddy station produced by Thinsoft that run windows independently on four monitors. My problem is that all the billers I installed refused to work with the buddy station to allocate time seperately on other monitor, because they recognise only one ip address and one computer name. Can any body recommend a biller or a way out.
17 years 11 months ago #16054 by black3842
Depending on how the biller works, you might be able to get away with binding four IP addresses to a single NIC - that would be an easy out if the biller just uses IP addresses to do it's work. Would depend on how the biller worked.
17 years 11 months ago #16058 by sose
Replied by sose on topic buddy station
Actually , I got two ip addresses from my isp, one for my modem the other for my server. I then configured a dhcp address on the second lan card on my server which allow the other clients using buddy station to obtain ip address automatically. Each buddy station displays one ip address on four monitors, therefore I cannot possibly bind four ip addressses on one buddy station.

Expecting ur response. Thanks
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