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17 years 11 months ago #15652 by Dutchman
Switch?!? was created by Dutchman
G'day guys,

I have a slight problem with one terminal hanging off a switch, and a few routers laters hitting the server. Logging on to the local domain is fine. When you try to get on the internet, it will not work however. The terminal right next to it, plugged into the port next to it on the switch, setup the same way, can get on the internet. Anyone had a similar problem once that can shed some light on this?
17 years 10 months ago #16145 by black3842
Replied by black3842 on topic vlans configured?
check to see if both working and not working are on different subnets, which could be the case if there were different vlans configured on that same switch. It is possible that there is a network specific (ie subnet specific) filter or ACL applied on a router preventing internet access. - just a thought.

You know it's a not a connectivity problem if they can logon to the domain. It has to be permissions or routing table problems preventing them from getting to the internet.

Hope that helps

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