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a problem of cisco 3500 switch

21 years 1 month ago #139 by windmen
I use cisco 3500 switch. I know that I can config the duplex and speed of every interface, using the commands as list:
#interface fa 0/1
#speed 100
#duplex full

but I want to know how could I deal with a group of interfaces, like interface 0/1 to 0/12, using one or two commands, instead of operate above twelve times.

does it exist these commands?

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21 years 5 days ago #140 by netNewbie
As much as I know, there is no such command. Try interface fa 0/2 ?, you'll see that the only option after that is <cr>. That means that you gotta do it one by one.
However, you can edit a text file (copy & paste), then send it through the hyperterminal, assuming you're using Windoz. If you are not using Windoz, there gotta be something similar to hyperterminal though.

21 years 4 days ago #141 by Chris

To the best of my knowledge, this is not possible.

You will need to configure each interface individually [img]images/smiles/icon_sad.gif[/img]


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