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21 years 5 months ago #107 by wrath_child
Cabling was created by wrath_child
Say I have to wire straight-thru cable. I have read Networking>Cabling>* and finally find out how to wire cables properly [img]images/smiles/icon_smile.gif[/img]
What if I wire my cable using 1-st and 4-th pairs instead of 2-nd and 3-rd? will my cable work worth? Just wonder if there is any difference.

21 years 1 month ago #108 by kden604
Replied by kden604 on topic Cabling
As long as your ends match up it doesn't really matter which pairs you use. But its nice if all the cables conform to one standard.

21 years 1 month ago #109 by Chris
Replied by Chris on topic Cabling
I totally agree with kden604.

You better off following the standards so you don't bump into problems later on when you might want to add a few extra cables and end up having half of them following the standard, while the rest don't.

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