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CCIE Collaboration Quick Reference Review

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Title:              CCIE Collaboration Quick Reference
Authors:        Akhil Behl
ASIN:             B00KDIM9FI
Publisher:      Cisco Press
Published:     May 16, 2014
Edition:         1st Edition
Language:     English

Reviewer: Arani Mukherjee


0-13-384596-6This ebook has been designed for a specific target audience, as the title of the book suggests, hence it cannot be alleged that it is not suitable for all levels of Cisco expertise. Furthermore, since it is a quick reference, there is no scope for something like poetic licence. As a quick reference, it achieves the two key aims:

1) Provide precise information
2) Do it in a structured format

And eliminate any complexity or ambiguity on the subject matter by adhering to these two key aims.

Readers of this review have to bear in mind that the review is not about the content/subject matter and its technical accuracy. This has already been achieved by the technical reviewer, as mentioned in the formative sections of the ebook. This review is all about how effectively the ebook manages to deliver key information to its users.

So, to follow up on that dictum, it would be wise to scan through how the material has been laid out.

It revolves around the Cisco Unified Communication (UC) workspace service infrastructure and explains what it stands for and how it delivers what it promises. So the first few chapters are all about the deployment of this service. Quality of Service (QoS) follows deployment. This chapter is dedicated entirely towards ensuring the network infrastructure will provide the classification of policies and scheduling for multiple network traffic classes.

The next chapter is Telephony Standards and Protocols. This chapter talks about the various voice based protocols and their respective criteria. These include analog, digital and fax communication protocols.

From this point onwards the reference material concentrates purely on the Cisco Unified Communication platform. It discusses the relevant subsections of CUCM in the following line-up:

  • Cisco Unified Communications Manager
  • Cisco Unified Communications Security
  • Cisco Unity Connection
  • Cisco Unified Instant Messaging and Presence
  • Cisco Unified Contact Centre Express
  • Cisco IOS Unified Communications Applications &
  • Cisco Collaboration Network Management

In conclusion, what we need to prove or disprove are the key aims of a quick reference:

Does it provide precise information? - The answer is Yes. It does so due to the virtue that it is a reference guide. Information has to be precise as it would be used in situations where credibility or validity won't be questioned.

Does it do the above in a structured manner? - The answer is Yes. The layout of the chapters in its current form helps to achieve that. The trajectory of the discussion through the material ensures it as well.

Does it eliminate any complexity and ambiguity? - The answer again is Yes. This is a technical reference material and not a philosophical debate penned down for the benefit of its readers. The approach of the author is very simplistic. It follows the natural order of events from understanding the concept, deploying the technology and ensuring quality of the services, to managing the technology to provide a robust efficient workspace environment.

In addition to the above proof it needs to be mentioned that, since it is an eBook, users will find it easy to use it from various mobile platforms like tablets or smart phones. It wouldn’t be easy to carry around a 315 page reference guide, even if it was printed on both sides of the paper!

For its target audience, this eBook will live up to its readers expectations and is highly recommended for anyone pursuing the CCIE Collaboration or CCNP Voice certification.

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