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Sasser/Netsky creator charged.

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GERMAN PROSECUTORS have formally charged the teen they say created the Sasser virus.
Sven Jaschan has been charged with computer sabotage, data manipulation and disruption of public systems.

More than 143 Sasser victims have contacted prosecutors to report the damage they suffered in the vague hope of compensation.

The damage claims of the 143 victims of the Sasser virus totals US$157,000 (£88,000) although worldwide the damage was more likely to be millions.
Jaschan could face up to five years in jail. He was arrested in May following a tip-off passed to Microsoft which put up a cash reward of $250,000 for information leading to the arrest of whoever was behind the virulent worm.

Once arrested Jaschan reportedly confessed to creating Sasser and is also alleged to be responsible for the Netsky virus.


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