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Microsoft To Release Vista With A Linux Kernel

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After years of delays and months of rewriting code the Microsoft Corporation has taken a new direction with Windows Vista. Microsoft will release Vista with a Linux kernel. At the press conference Bill Gates had this to say "We are very excited at the new direction of Windows Vista. With help from Novell and IBM we have leveraged the Linux kernel and have built our GUI as a Window Manager on top of This brings the friendliness and usability model of our Windows operating system and married it to the stability and rock solid security of Linux.

" When asked why Microsoft took this route Jim Allchin said " For years our competitors and business partners have been telling us they want everything the Linux kernel offers. It was the right thing to do." Allchin also had this to say "With such great work being done in the Open Source community we also will be using as the base of our Office 12." When asked how long the delays would be to bring these products to market Gates said "What delays? 90% of the work is done for us and we didnt have to pay, this cuts our development costs and time to market considerably."

Linus Torvalds took the stage and after a heartwarming embrace of Bill Gates Linus had these remarks, "Its so wonderful that Microsoft has taken our work and used it to bring to market this incredible new OS. I am ecstatic of these changes"

It has been confirmed that Linus will start a new job at Microsoft as the President of Platform Strategies. When asked of his new job at Microsoft Linus said "OSDL wasnt doing anything to help Linux along, all they did was siphon money off of our key members. Im very excited at the direction Microsoft plans to take Linux and finally feel Im in the presence of people that care."

The new OS will be available under Microsoft's Shared Source License.

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