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GNU/Linux - 'Fedora Core 5 Unleashed' review

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"GNU/Linux (usually referred to as simply 'Linux') is a completely free Operating System that can be used for a wide variety of tasks, especially excelling at network-oriented ones. Fedora is a community-driven distribution of Linux, sponsored by Red Hat, one of the leading and oldest organizations in the field.

As the title suggests, this is a book about the latest release of Fedora Core linux distribution. Thanks to it's correct approach however, it would be accurate to claim that this is a book that can train you appropriately in the ways of Linux Operating System using Fedora Core distribution as a reference, instead of being just an other shallow distribution-specific manual.

The 'Unleashed' book series from SAMS is known for it's thoroughness and detailed coverage of each topic. Fedora Core 5 Unleashed, counting 6 well-balanced parts in more than 1000 pages, stands up to this legacy. It is essentially a training guide written with the completely inexperienced user in mind, however it also manages to extend it's information to an advanced level for most of the subjects.

The fact that absolutely no previous knowledge is required for someone to follow the book, means the only real requirement would be an interest to familiarize with this great Operating System. Fedora Core distribution along with Fedora Core 5 Unleashed book, provide a great training package for anyone to achieve this efficiently".

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