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Back in 2003, we decided to take a big step for and move the site to what was back then, one of the most popular CMS systems available. This allowed to expand its services, integrate its user accounts with the site's forums and provide a single-sign-on for all services offered.

After 8 years of success and almost 100 million page views, we decided it was time to take the next big step into's future.  As such, we've been secretly working on the next generation of!

The new site has been designed from the ground-up using nothing but the best available resources to ensure we can expand  and provide new exciting services to all our community. Special focus has been given to the new menu system, that no longer requires lengthy scrolls to get to the desired article, and are also nicely populated with nifty icons representing each category.

Our new forum system now supports enhanced features such as 'Helpful answer' voting, plus more, that will ensure users helping the community are receiving the necessary recognition.

As most of our community can understand, we are extremely excited about this big changeover, so we decided to officially announce the upcoming new website which is now at its final stages of completion and is expected to be online very soon!

To give you a small sneak preview of the site, we've posted a small section of the site's front page:

We thank the community for supporting us throughout all these years and promise that our new site will bring more helpful resources and services for you all!

Chris Partsenidis

Founder & Senior Editor

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