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Cisco Router VPN Client Configuration - Configuring Cisco Router To Support VPN

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Configuring Cisco routers to support IPSec VPNs is a fairly common task these days. This article will show you how to setup your Cisco router to support  Cisco VPN tunnels for your remote users, using the latest encryption technologies available, to provide a secure connection to your company's network resources.

Split tunneling also covered with the Cisco VPN Client configuration, allows specific networks to be tunnelled through the encrypted  IPSec VPN. This feature is also analysed alongside with a number of examples.

Features Covered:

- Router IOS requirements for Cisco VPN (IPSec)

- VPN Network Diagram

- Creation of user VPN accounts

- Configuration of crypto ISAKMP policies for authentication

- Crypto ISAKMP group authentication

- Cisco VPN client tunnel encryption

- VPN Virtual Interfaces

- VPN Split tunneling

- Necessary VPN Group & NAT  access lists

- Cisco VPN access list tips to make life easier for larger networks and complex VPN configurations

To read our article on how to setup a Cisco router for remote Cisco VPN client access, follow this link:

Cisco Router VPN Client Configuration - Setup

Engineers and administrators who need to restrict VPN user access to Layer-4 services e.g www, smtp, pop on a specific internal host (e.g web/email server) should read our How to Restrict Cisco IOS Router VPN Client to Layer-4 (TCP, UDP) Services - Applying IP, TCP & UDP Access Lists article.

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