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Cisco 64-bit VPN Client is on its way!

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Cisco VPN Client 64-bit is on its way!

After many years of anticipation, Cisco has finally got the message and decided to develop a 64-bit version of its popular Cisco VPN Client software!

As most Cisco engineers are aware, the absence of a 64-bit VPN Client produced a lot of problems when it came to connecting remote users (with 64-bit Windows) to the corporate network.

The 32-bit version of Cisco VPN client refuses to install on any 64-bit operating system, leaving the administrator with two options: 1) Install and configure (if possible) the new VPN trend of Web SSL VPNs, where purchasing licenses are necessary, or 2) Use a third party/opensource 64-bit VPN client.

While third-party VPN clients do provide a solution, they seem to fall short of functionality when it comes to connecting to corporate networks with multiple intranets/networks.

Now, thanks to Cisco (and the persisting community), this nightmare is nearly over as a Beta version of the 64-bit Cisco VPN client is already out.

Trials until now, show that even thought the VPN client is in Beta version (, it is extremely stable and should be ready for release very soon.

Note: We would like to thank Eleftheriadi Dimitri from Cooper-Industries for his input on this post.

Note: You can download the Cisco VPN Client from our Download section.

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