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Book Review: Your CCIE Lab Success Strategy: The Non-Technical Guidebook

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review-100-percent-badgeCisco's CCIE certification is regarded as one of the highest level of certifications in the world. Simply put, it's a master's degree in networks.

Many people in the IT industry set to achieve their CCIE certification as a long-term goal, but is there more to it than just studying and preparing for the exam?

Your CCIE Lab Success Strategy: The Non-Technical Guidebook is a unique title in every way and you won't find any close to it in any book store. The book does not contain any technical information regarding the CCIE certification, however it includes just about everything else you'll need to truly understand what it takes to nail the CCIE certification.  

Authors Vivek Tiwari & Dean Bahizad are both double CCIEs and having been down the CCIE road twice in their lifetime (so far!), they've managed to capture all the experience, problems and sacrifices one must make to achieve in their CCIE certification.  The book will literally open your eyes and help you build your own strategy to success.

We invite our readers to read our review on this excellent title that shouldn't be missing from any CCIE or even CCNP/CCVP candidate's bookshelf!

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