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Introduction to Ethernet Collisions

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The word "Collision" shouldn't be any new news to people who work with networks everyday. If it is thought, don't worrie, that's why you are here.

A collision is an event that happens on an Ethernet network when two stations simultaneously "talk" on the wire. Collisions are a normal part of life in an Ethernet network and under most circumstances should not be considered a problem.

Even thought alot of people know that collisions do happen on a network, what they don't know is that there are two different type of collisions ! Yes, thats right, two different type of collissions, one is the Early Collisions and the other, Late Collisions .

We will have a look at two collision examples (one of each) in the next couple of pages, and these examples have been carefully selected to help you understand the difference between the two types of collisions. Also, we are going to have a look at the events leading up to and immediately following a collision.

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