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Software IP Routing .... 18 years 9 months ago #525


can somebody help me ? I have a little bit of experience in networking, but i still have problems in configuring software IP routing withing different (physical) networks. Also after having read the great explained sections here.
This is the best Address in NET for NET :-))

I have a problem with the IP Routing in my home network. I try to display the config below:

- XP-Professional
- SAT-DSL Adapter DHCP Config
- Network Adapter with Powerline Bridge
IP, SM, with activated Internet Connection Sharing configured
- IP-Routing enabled

- Windows 2000 Professional
- Network Adapter with Powerline Bridge
- Wireless Network Adapter IP, SM, GW
- IP-routing enabled (by installing the incoming connection using a different Subnet)

- Windows 2000 Professional
- Wireless Network Adapter IP, SM GW

I want to use PC2 as a router between the two networks.

The communication WWW <-> PC1 <-> PC2 works fine.

The communication PC3 <-> PC2 works fine. PC3 can ping both IP Adresses of PC2, but cannot reach and the WWW!

There is only one situation when it works: If i connect PC2 and PC3 over their IR interface.

Do I forget or misunderstand something ?

Thanks for your help in advance.
Domenico [img]images/smiles/icon_smile.gif[/img]

Software IP Routing .... 18 years 8 months ago #526

First off dude, I think your PCs are getting confused becaused they're thinking that they're on the same network cable (192.168.0.x).

Anyways try this... Let's put it this way, you have four (4) net adapters;

net1@PC1: GW:



net4@PC3: GW:

now, test again with ping,
PC1 to PC2 "ping"
PC1 to PC3 "ping"
if you get replies for both, then PC1 is good to go.
try again for PC3,
PC3 to PC2 "ping"
PC3 to PC1 "ping"

BTW, just a reminder about workgroups:
Systems on different network cables cannot be in the same workgroup.
plus, I think you should just put ICS on PC2 since shes the one whos gonna act as the router.

Good luck!!
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