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Setup Network 1st time 18 years 5 months ago #520

I am going 2 B setting up a network for the 1st time.I have a Server and 15 Prof boxes.Am going to make Server the DC,do I link them all together using NIC,i.e Bus topology, or use Hub and go dirct from each PC to HUB individulally.PC's automatically pick up which is the DC.
Also,when I make the Server the DC,do I config the internet connection through that?,ie.get a ISP dial up number.IS the Server now the preffered DNS and DHCP ??

Please help, I am desperate.


Setup Network 1st time 18 years 5 months ago #521


The best thing to do in your situation is to set up DHCP on your server.
Make sure you use a private adress range for your server and clients.


Give your server the following ip: with a mask of ( /16)

In the DHCP scope define the following range

Don't forget to autorize your DHCP server in AD.(otherwise it won't start serving clients)

Use the DHCP scope options to set DNS and Router (default gateway) to be your server (

Yes your server is the DNS server for your clients (Win2k and Active directory rely on Dynamic DNS)

So if you don't have any Win9x clients you can skip WINS.
If you are pretty sure you don''t uses Netbios applications then set your server TCP/IP stack to disable Netbios over TCP/IP

For internet acces you can uses an external router that supports DDR (Dial on Demand Routing) or you can use RRAS (Routing and Remote Access) standard build in Windows 2000.

So far for the basics, if you want some more info just let me know (please use the group)

Kind Regards,



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